Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ribbon Tube Top - ABC13717
Used to be RM 39.90 ..
NOW RM27.90!

Flowery Hawaii
Used to be - RM 39.90
NOW RM 27.90


Friday, December 14, 2007


PrincessInJackets -grey and black
RM 56.00

Button Up! - UBB4897J
This piece is not the usual collared T-shirt you see, because the sleeves are 3/4! On the right side of the shirt, a nice jeweled ribbon completes this number. Available in grey, purple, black, white, blue and green.
RM 39.90

MK Vest - UBI8504S
Vest are a must have these days! Material is really soft and comfy. Best thing is, the clothes comes separately, so you can mix and match with your own wardrobe! Available in grey(SOLD!), and white.
RM 48

Coloured Stripes
A casual sleeveless to match with your favorite jeans, skirts, and shorts! Comfy and cheap!!
Available in (blue&white), (red&grey), (green), and (red& black - SOLD!)
RM 18.00

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Crumpled Floral - J0667E
Looking for someting formal but sweet at the same time? You got it right here!
RM 42.00


Beaded Halter
This halter is back! This time in brown, purple, white and black! Very classy and cute.. and you can get it at only RM 35.00

Black - SOLD OUT!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hot Chocolate - JTB23I
This cute dress can be worn just like that, or even with jeans for the tall ladies. Made of soft and stretchable material. White tube is also included!
RM 40.00
Baby Doll Blouse -

Romanian Sash - J9102I
Sophisticated and sexy, this number is for the mature ladies who likes to wear something unique to show off! Made out of soft and comfortable material, and only available in brown and white(SOLD!)!
RM 40.00

Girly Tee - J306L
This piece is similar to the "Left and Right" shirts we got from the last batch. Lots of people loved it because its really very comfy to wear! Made out of soft thin material, and the colours available are black, white, red and green.


Left or Right - JTB16U2
This white shirt is comfy, casual and simple. Comes with a golden buckle to scrunch up the sides of the shirt. Only available in white!
RM 38.00

Baby Pinafore - U1861H
Wear this with jeans, or 3/4 denim shorts for a perfect combination. The material is thin and soft, so you dont have to worry about it being too hot to wear. Colours available are turqoise, grey, black and purple.
RM 42.90
Purple ones are sold out!

All About Stripes! - JBC1137T
These collection of stripy long sleeved shirts is simple, but simple means more accessories to use! Put on a vest, a necklace, or a belt to make this simple tee a fabulous one!
RM 32.90

Only available in BROWN AND WHITE

Strappy Baby - J10449E
We love this item because of its unique design. Best worn with a mini skirt to add to the sexy-ness and rugged-ness! Available in orange and green.
RM 39.90

Checkered Collar - U10650H
This piece is simple and cute. Goes well with everything! Skirts, jeans, and shorts!
The material is quite thick and still very comfy for an outing!
RM 39.90 ( SOLD! )

Sunshine Doll - J10725U
This checkered item can be worn as a dress or a blouse! Crinkled and stretchable at the top, you dont have to worry about not fitting in! Available in black, brown and orange
RM 45. 00

Navy Green - J10721E
This green number is really cute! Put on some jeans, and a simple belt and you're ready to go!
RM 35.90

Long Sleeved Hoodie - J2271N
This long sleeved shirt comes with a hood, different from the Long Sleeved Lady we're selling.
Also made in Hong Kong, and 100% cotton all the way! =) Available in black, green(SOLD!), and purple (SOLD!) .
RM 38.00

Long Sleeved Chains -
Perfect for cold office hours! As it is not tight fitting, it covers you figure well too!
Available in black(SOLD!) and blue only.
RM 44.90

Cheetah Girls - U7209H
A see through outer layer, and a comfy white tank top inside. Very classy and suitable for formal events! Available in purple(SOLD!), blue, pink, and yellow.
RM 42.90

Golden Heart - U1006
Another piece for the mature gals. In a unique colour of orange, it will match perfectly with nice blue jeans. Lovely soft material and the tube is also included!
RM 44.90
Only one piece left!

Hula Hoop - 612E
This halter is simple, yet so very elegant! It looks good with anything! Enough said. =)
Available in brown, purple, black and white.
RM 25.00